Christine Salomon, LMT, RMT "Namaste" Lightwork
Therapeutic Massage and Advanced Reiki * Hands On or Virtual Sessions * "MIND-HEART-BODY" Well-Being



Christine Salomon, LMT, RMT  

Licensed Massage Therapist, Nationally Certified Reiki Master Teacher

of both Japanese Usui and Advanced Rainbow Reiki ®




The Catalina Foothills Region (on La Canada Dr.)

and at

Revival Salon Spa  5575 E. River Rd.


* Bilingual in Spanish *


  Treatment rooms are disinfected while providing a safe comfortable relaxing environment for optimal healing.  

All COVID sanitation measures comply with CDC guidelines

Your health comes first!   


I offer scheduled customized Highly Effective Distant Healing Sessions that are transmitted to your house, a nursing facility, Hospice or to a hospital.

Sessions via zoom are available for clients desiring an effective Reiki Healing but unable to travel to a treatment room.

* Please note that Distant Reiki may be sent to anywhere in the world *


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Reiki and Massage Therapy offer unique and wonderful peaceful relaxing effects for clients as Chi (your life force energy and vitality) is reinforced and balanced.   Both have been scientifically researched and documented as effective complementary noninvasive holistic healing options. They assist with pain reduction, removal of toxins, healthy new cell reproduction and stronger grounding.  

   When you feel better physically there is more joy in your life and you will notice that it emits into your surroundings as well!


Chronic Pain can stem from a physical injury, trauma, surgical procedures, repetitive daily motions, aging, a compromised immune system, and possible psychological or emotional disturbances.

Days, weeks, or months of chronic non-stop pain is extremely draining and may cause depression. 

Integrative Myofascial Massages and gentle relaxing Advanced Reiki Energy Healing Sessions have assisted many when other healing methods were not successful.

You can safely combine Therapeutic Massages & Reiki sessions with visits to General Healthcare Practitioners, Chiropractors and  Acupuncturists. We all work together forming a professional "team"  assisting you to achieve optimal health, well being and balance.


Because every individual has his or her unique and specific condition, all treatments are customized and adjusted with our intention and focus on your progressive optimal healing.

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      Therapeutic Ortho Medical Massages are excellent for postural realignment, pain reduction, post surgical recovery, improved physical strength and flexibility can include pelvic stabilization, joint capsular work and the break up of inner scare tissue within muscle fibers. 


 A Reiki session may be compared to acupuncture without needles.  

Reiki helps to promote relaxation, restore the natural life force within the body assisting one to heal; and improves emotional & physical well being.   It works bio-energetically in conjunction with all other medical procedures for reducing possible side effects and promoting recovery.

For over 22 years I've visited hospitals, hospice rooms and have scheduled numerous remote sessions utilizing very advanced Rainbow Reiki Distant Healing.

 Therapeutic Massage & Reiki Energy combined are a gateway to integration of your body, mind, and spirit.

  My intention is that you feel a sense of trust & relaxation during each healing session.

We will work "together" communicating and interacting as a team; with the achievement of your desired health goal in mind. 


Please call to schedule Your Appointment

Weekdays 10AM-6PM

Saturdays 10AM-3PM

(315) 391-9181

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"NAMASTE" defined:  

 "I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the place within you of light, love, truth, peace and wisdom.  I honor the place in you, where when you are in that place and I am in that place, there is only one of us."                   

I look forward to meeting you




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